Do you want to register your child as a student?.

After filling out the form you will receive an email with the completed form, containing all the information you provided. You will then be able to print an sign. A copy will also be sent to the office email.

You will be contacted within two (2) working days via email or phone to arrange for you to sit in an interview with us. The child must be in attendance as he/she must undergo an assessment to determine how we can best help the child. 

The next steps would be to:

  • Print and sign out the pdf application form that you receive via email.
  • Walk with ALL documents listed below for your interview:
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Immunization Card
  • Photograph of Student
  • Copy of Parent(s) Identification Cards
  • Copy of Guardian’s Identification Card (if applicable)
  • Registration Fee (not refundable)


There are three(3) levels of our preschool to cater to different developmental needs and speeds. Our philosophy is that all children can learn and so we cater to all the ways they do in order to help them maximise their potential.

At Adonis Academy Preschool, children learn their core developmental skills in a fun and interactive way! Our co-curriculum includes agriculture, baking, cooking, and sport.


PER TERM: $3200.00

MONTHLY: $1100.00 (3 payments)

Primary School

Our primary department has a limit of 10 students per class to allow for individual attention. Students are taught in a safe air-conditioned environment.

We have a library in each classroom to encourage reading and learning in their spare time.

The Virtue and Zachar programs that are done weekly from Prep 1 – 5 encourage healthy discussion that causes the young people to challenge the way they see themselves and encourage self-worth and holistic development.

Our co-curriculum includes agriculture, sport, baking, cooking, and hygiene management to help develop the children holistically.


PER TERM: $3500.00

MONTHLY: $1200.00 (3 payments)

Secondary School

Our secondary school seeks to not just get passes for children but to impact them in a deeper way so that they can be effective contributors to society and have a relationship with God.

The Virtue and Zachar programs that are done weekly encourage healthy discussion and debates that cause young people to challenge their views on society and the way things should be.

Our co-curriculum also includes sport, agriculture, hygiene, cleanliness, baking, and cooking to develop some necessary skills for the world after school.

All classes are air-conditioned and cater to a maximum of 10 students at a time.


PER TERM: $5000.00

MONTHLY: $1700.00 (3 payments)